My name is Tenders and I am Prince of this Kingdom.  
  I will tell you this story, read it carefully it is very important !
I was born on November 12, 2018, I'm already grown up. My castle "Kingdom of Cats" is in the center of the world, in the country of Geneva. I do not live here alone, there are three of us - this is my mother Mika, a very beautiful cat - she is a special tricolor race, also the old queen Lucia. She's so old it's hard to even count - she's 19 years old. She's not kind, I'd even say mean.
We are in threes, but you know, that's not really true, because we have a family of humans living in our castle with us. I don't honestly know who first settled within these walls, but these days we all live here together. Even, I would say, we live as one big family. People think we are cats living with them, but in fact - we are the royal clan here, and they are our servants.
People are very nice to us and we are, in fact, very fond of each other.
  This is my father Spaisik, my mother Mika and Queen Lusia:  
  Do you want to see me when I was a kid? Then I'll show you my sisters Cookie and Nugget, my brother Bifidus and me.  
  I hope you recognized me? Yes, I was a beautiful kitten!  
  We are babies  
  Here we are bigger  
  Watch these short videos:  
  The royal babies in their nest, Mom is gone - it's weird...  
  We eat milk and Mom helps us...  
  Bifidus tests its litter for the first time  
  Bifidus presents itself  
  Anton, whom I consider like my second father, is a painter. He loves us so much that he paints us on his canvases.  

Don't be surprised that I, the cat, run this blog. In the two years I've been living in this world, in our happy kingdom, I've heard a lot of human speech in two languages - the adults speak more Russian and their children Ivan and Alice speak more French. Thanks to television programs and music in two languages, I have learned, like an intelligent animal, these two human languages, without even realizing it. I can't speak, because my speech apparatus is different, but I understand everything. I spent a lot of time at my father Anton's desk. He types a lot on the keyboard and I often help him - by pressing certain keys, I gradually learned the location and meaning of all the buttons on the keyboard. Well, over time, I learned to hit the keyboard very quickly with the claws spread out on the front legs, right and left. Then I got used to some computer programs, and now in this way I can communicate with you, my dear readers/viewers. Anton calls me now the cat-secretary and sometimes asks me to write important letters and mails.

  Here, as my father says, I am cute and at the same time funny. What do you think about it?  
  I watch the flying insect  
  I'm trying to catch this insect on the couch  
  I love sleeping with my loved ones so much!  
  Sometimes I make mistakes, but it doesn't matter - I'm Prince!  
  I play with Bifidus  
  Together with our Mom, but someone scared us  
  I like to stand in front of the flowers and meditate !  
  I sleep with Mom  
  Battle with Mom  
  If we are tired, the best way to recover is to sleep  
  Battle with Mom  2  
  Battle with Mom  3  
  I was asleep, but the family was preparing to go on a trip to Russia and I decided to go with them to this distant and cold country !  
  I am approaching Lusia, but I am a little afraid !  
  I like to crochet the curtain strings  
  I tear the curtain of strings  
  I participate in the creation of a watercolor  
  I love the smell of roses  
  I play with a key  
  I play with a key 2  
  I like to sleep on the table, although it is not allowed  
  I like to observe the yard from our balcony  
  Basketball game  
  I play with a cotton swab  
  It's very nice to stay with my mom  
  With my mom on the couch  
  I control a drawer  
  I catch and bring a small ball  
  My father Spasik has to come to our house today and I watch on the road not to miss the arrival of his cab.
  Miaou-miaou ! Dad has arrived and will be staying with us for a few months ! Urrrrraaaa !!! I missed him so much !  
  First time we have to get used to it !  
  I'm getting used to communicating with my dad  
  First friendly battle  
  Miaou-miaou ! How nice it is to rest with your family on the balcony !
  I like to sleep next to my dad !  
  It must say that sleeping is an important part of the life of cats  
  I prefer to have in my bed the color linen with flowers  
  Soon new publications on the life of the royal family of cats are coming... Please wait.
Your blogger, Prince Tenders