Anton Stutz and his childhood works created between 4 to 9 years
To everyone who loves Geneva and creativity !
  My name is Anton Stutz, I am an artist and the author of this project. I am currently preparing the second edition of the album
"Wonders of Geneva" and would like to invite you to take part in this interesting creative process. I am sure that together we will go through this exciting journey!


The first edition of "Wonders of Geneva" arose great interest among the readers


  A future edition will be unique and you will be able to participate in it. Interesting, isn't it?!  


I invite all those who are not indifferent to our city to participate in the creation of this album,
which will be entitled:
«Wonders of Geneva, impressions of an artist»

  The publication of the artbook of such a quality is expensive. The budget will be established on the basis of participatory financing *Crowdfunding* - that is, together.  
You can morally and financially support the edition of the album
- become a patron of the project.

The album "Wonders of Geneva. Impressions of an artist" will be a reissue of the previous album. Richly completed with the new landscapes, structured by the city districts, the album will become an artistic guide representing Geneva in an original way. You will have an opportunity to take part in the project. During these few months, the project will evolve and take its shape. You will be able to propose and include into the artbook a landscape of a place that is dear to your eyes. Inform me of the interesting facts about our city, which I can include into the textual content. You can order a painting on the theme of Geneva, which will then be placed in the book as an illustration. You will also have a possibility to put a small text in the album where, in a few words, you can tell something about yourself, your family, but also about reasons why you love Geneva... The names of all the people who will help and participate in the project will be noted with gratitude in the book. The edition will be unique and you, dear future partners, patrons, but especially people who loves our city and creativity, have an opportunity to leave your mark in a captured moment of the life of our beloved city. Contact me, ask your questions, share your thoughts and impressions. Contribute to the creation of this album !


In order to receive a future art book, a contribution of 49 CHF will be required.

  Contact me and I can answer your questions about your participation in this project:
tel/whatsapp: +41 76 369 64 37 email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Edition project of the Artbook
Anton Stutz «Wonders of Geneva, impressions of an artist»

The release of the album is planned for the year 2024.

Participate in the project - support the idea - make your donation and your gifts will be waiting for you at the end of the project!
Anton Stutz and his childhood works created between 4 to 9 years